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Late shipment several ways

First, the late shipment is actually a de facto breach; it is directly contrary to the contract, the credit of the last shipment agreement.
Second, it is a commercial fraud Daoqiantidan overdue after shipment;
Third, late shipment is also an important incentive payment is dishonored; especially in the recent foreign transport, import brokers is particularly unacceptable, even a day late backdating, is also likely to lead to the other for various reasons refuse to pay.
Thus, in the practice of overdue export shipment phenomenon is to be avoided in order to reduce business risk, ensure the safety of foreign exchange.
So for the production, transportation, inspection, customs clearance and other aspects of reasons can not estimate the material caused by the inevitable fact overdue, the best way is to negotiate an extension with the guests on board. If the relationship with the guests relatively secure, at the time overdue and very short, so that shipping companies can issue a guarantee backdating near lading. Near the ocean bill of lading backdating 1--2 days, the ocean bill of lading backdating 1--5 days, generally also possible.
Another case is that the kind of late for a long time, but the situation because numerous species of reason can not be changed in consultation with the client certificate how should we do it? If you choose not to avoid the risk shipments, obviously not solve the problem .
So how do to not only ensure the smooth delivery receipt can secure it?
First of all, we want the credibility of the guests, the market demand, quality and other aspects of the goods have a degree of certainty, on the contrary, must not blind shipments. On this basis, in order to prevent late delivery of documents (in accordance with the provisions of UCP500 terms, in any event within 21 days after shipment must pay a single), can negotiate with shipping companies, allowed before shipment to issue a strict and Credit It is consistent with the permit conditions and can be expected to pick up the bill of lading at the port of destination. It can temporarily compiled on the bill of lading number, title and box name, voyage and the like. Here it must be noted that the only match on schedule to produce a consistent document settlement documents is crucial. After the settlement, it may be in the name of the shipping company's bill of lading to the customer outgoing change notifications, indicating the correct name, voyage, box title, bill of lading number, etc., so that customers can be the first time to put away the goods.
Of course, because the actual situation is very different, solve the problem of overdue delivery can not be stereotyped. In practice, we should try to avoid late shipment occurred. After the occurrence of late, how to do both safeguard the interests of both supply and demand, but also safe receipt, we must always pay attention to the actual work in the export business.

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