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       We have offices around the world and sound service network, network covering Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Southeast Asia each basic seaports and airports.

       In Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Southampton, Felix more, Genoa, Venice, Helsinki and other European harbor; in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan and other major airports cargo storage center;

       In North America, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and other harbor; in Japan, Tokyo, Kobe and Singapore agencies directly under the company's many years of collaboration with world-renowned shipping companies and establish a good relationship, to provide you with the most efficient transportation, the most powerful guarantee low tariffs!

      We offer our customers booking a charter, Shanzhi documents, schedules notice tariff for insurance agents, rail, road transit transport, overseas networks, and other relevant import and export transportation services for overseas customers and domestic customers to provide network services, including the designation of cargo operations and freight payment arrangements and inland extension services.

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