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       Zhongshan City, the German foreign cargo transport Agency Ltd. is approved by the relevant state departments, the registered capital of RMB 5 million integrated logistics company. Since its inception, with the ability to integrate resources of science, advanced management mode and stable, safe, reliable service network for enterprises to provide logistics services. In the logistics cost savings for the customer associated the same time, companies themselves have also made great progress in all aspects of the integration of resources, operational processes and customer service.
        Main business
       1, international shipping, trucking, customs clearance
       FCL containers, LCL transport agency services. Advantage routes in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the major shipping companies have cooperation OOCL, WANHAI, TSL, APL, MAERSK, CMA and the like.
       Trucking, warehousing and distribution. Zhongshan Port Area has a large warehouse, equipped with loading and unloading machinery and provide storage and handling services. 12 tons of own car, focus on the Pearl River Delta tons of vehicle transport, delivery warehouse delivery business.
       Customs declaration, inspection, insurance. Marina has many years of experience in the declaration and the declaration team, in a safe, efficient, honest service for the customer to provide high-quality fast customs clearance services.
       Door to door service. Maritime transport, air transport can provide DDU, DDP, DAT wait until the service door.
        2, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe Shuangqing service
       With the company's outstanding export declaration team, and overseas logistics network, providing customers with Shuangqing service Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Dubai and Europe services include: export trailers, customs, maritime transport, foreign import declaration, tax payment, delivery service. Providing customers with one-stop service and avoid risks, saves the customer's logistics costs and time.
       3, domestic shipping, land vehicle, but zero
       Domestic shipping door to door service for the general, the advantages of routes Hainan, east, north lines, shipping companies have cooperation Nakatani ocean, sea shipping, Anton logistics. At present, carrying cargo, tiles, glass, metal, furniture and so on.
       Land transport, the Division I contact a person responsible for truck drivers back to obtain first-hand prices and market dynamics, and will track the drivers, the situation after filling to ensure the delivery time. In the country it has formed the Pearl River Delta as the main body to cover the door to the provinces domestic land and sea north, south China coastal areas and the Yangtze River Delta region and other affiliates.

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